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Alfa > Forno 5 Minuti Outdoor Oven

Authentic Italian Pizza Oven

Ready to cook in just five minutes! The Alfa Forno 5 Wood Fired Pizza Oven is a top-of-the-line wood-burning oven and reaches temperatures of over 572 ° Fahrenheit thanks to a brilliantly insulated design. Retains heat for maximum efficiency all while staying cool to the touch on the outside! An extra wide steel cabinet is big enough to hold up to 2 large pizzas at once. Unite features a tall, shimmering chimney, decorative door with wooden handle, built-in thermostat, and mobile cart with storage platform. The wheeled base of this professional-quality oven makes it ideal for transporting your pizza station around the house and out onto the lawn. Comes complete with the vent, smokestack, built-in thermometer and tool holder in your choice of copper, orange, or red finish.


  • •The cooking floor of the 5 Minuti oven is made of refractory material like pizzeria ovens.
  • •The internal dome is made of thermal, light and robust stainless steel.
  • •The ignition of the oven is very quick; the cooking temperature easily exceeds 300°C in 5 minutes.
  • •The 5 Minuti oven can bake up to 50 pizzas per hour without missing a beat. At the end of the evening, if you let it               cool for a few minutes, you can bake up to two 2 lb. loaves of bread.
  • •Using the wheels, it can be easily moved both indoors and outdoors without a problem!
  • •Authentic Italian wood burning oven quickly heats up and is ready to cook in under 20 minutes
  • •Insulated Forninox-technology, with a powder coated orange painted dome




 Stand Alone


Refractory Brick | Stainless Steel


Orange, Red or Copper Powdercoat

Fuel Type


Overall Width/Diameter


Overall Depth


Overall Height


Cooking Width/Diameter


Cooking Depth


Item Weight

176 lbs.

Unique Feature

Ready to Use in less than 5 Min.

Items Included

Tool Holder/Handle Included

g surface;  Fully insulated; Fire brick hearth; Stainless steel arch; Decorative door, Built-in thermometer; Powder coated painted dome; Tool holder/Handle