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Trends May Come and Go...

However, the classic design of the ever-popular DXV series from Mendota are a timeless addition to any home. Each DXV series fireplace is handcrafted to give you a lifetime of comfort and durability. The DXV series won Best In Show honors at the National Hearth Products Association Expo and have been listed as a Best Buy by Consumers Digest.

The beautiful log fire is a result of years of research and developement. It begins with careful selection of actual field logs, hand-molded to capture every intricate detail. Each log is hand-painted using a palette of eight colors and arranged to create the exact look and feel of a wood log fire. The end result is a work of art.

Available in four sizes, the DVX series is a perfect soluiton for all of your fireplace needs. Add the versitility of the seven different front frames availalbe in various finishes and the is no need to look any further. 



- For the thoughtful buyer who is interested in quality, craftsmanship and performance
- Romantic fireplace is also a certified ANSI/AGA high efficiency wall furnace
- Flames and heat are adjustable to suit your mood and the weather
- Direct vent design uses 100% outside air for combustion to preserve indoor air quality
- Easily customized with a choice of fronts, doors and overlays
- A convenient remote control is included
- Lifetime Limited Warranty


  DXV35 DXV42 DXV45 DXV60
Natural Gas (BTUH)
10,000-33,000 27,000-40,000 10,000-45,000 10,000-60,000
13,000-33,000 22,000-38,500 15,000-40,000 9,500-59,000
CSA P.4 Efficiency
76.4% 79%* 74.9% 71.5%*
Minimum Fireplace Framing Requirements
Fronth Width 37 1/8" 41" 41" 48"
Rear Width 21 3/4" 33" 34 5/8" 39 1/8"
Depth 15 1/8" 16" 20" 22"
Height 31 1/2" 33" 38 1/8" 41"



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Support & Downloads

DXV Series Specs

DXV-35 Timber DT4 LX, with Remote Control - Installation & Operating Manual 

DXV-45 Deep Timber 4 DT4 LX, with Remote Control - Installation & Operating Manual 

DXV-42, Manual Control - Installation & Operating Manual 

DXV-60, Manual Control - Installation & Operating Manual 

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