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Big View. Big Heat. Big Fire. Small Emissions.

Using technology exclusive to RSF Fireplaces, the Fusion has the first fully automatic fireplace air damper. Now, you have nothing to adjust other than the size of your wood load. Winner of the Hearth & Home 2016 Vesta Award, the Delta Fusion is the newest member of the RSF fireplace family.

Whether you are new to wood burning or have a lifetime of experience, you will appreciate how the Fusion automatically maintains a gorgeous, environmentally friendly fire while heating upwards of 3,000 square feet. Its innovative bimetallic air damper automatically regulates combustion, keeping the stove burning in a “sweet spot” which produces both minimal emissions and a visually striking fire. The low 1.3 grams per hour emissions is virtually unheard of in a heating appliance. The cleanest fires are achieved with lots of secondary combustion which is when the fire is most visually appealing.

This fireplace is certified for use with 8" ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.




- Large 4.4 cubic foot firebox which holds 24” logs with ease

- RSF exclusive bimetallic air damper continuously regulates combustion supply

- Heats upwards of 3,000 square feet

- Non-catalytic

- EPA certified to burn as clean as 1.3 grams per hour



  Delta Fusion
Outside Dimensions 47 1/8"W X 44 3/8"H X 25 1/4"D
Firebox Size 4.4 cubic feet

590 lbs

(ship weight add 70lbs)

Firewood Length 24"
BTU Output Range 40 000 to 95 000 BTU/h with an average of 70 000BTU/h
Heating Capacity 3,000 ft
EPA Certified 1.3 g/hr
Optimal Efficiency 66%
EPA Average Efficiency 60.35%
EPA Average CO 148.50
Chimney 8"Excel
Door Finish Black
Gravity Vent Kit FO-V2
Gravity Vent Damper FO-D
Internal Blower FO-FDHB5-N
Blower - Central Heat FO-FDHB6-1
Central Heat Tee FO-T
Zone Heat Control FO-FDHCZ1
Rock Retainer Kit FO-KD3
Outside Air 4", meets R2000
Louver or Grill Options Black



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