Tuck Pointing

We rarely give much thought to the mortar on our home or property, but crumbling mortar means that your structure is deteiorating right before your eyes…slowly. No need to worry... Fireplace & Chimney Authority can replace crumbling mortar and or tuckpointing by performing repointing (mortar repair). We carefully and thoroughly assess your building’s unique situation and get to work carefully removing deterioated mortar from the joints. Next, we replace the old mortar with new, durable mortar that’s colormatched and appropriate for your stucture. If this work is done by folks that are not experienced, trained masons, you can end up with shoddy work that detracts from the appearance of your building, or worse, that damages your structure. Trust your home, business, rental property or historical landmark to the pros at Fireplace & Chimney Authority.

Color or texture is not an issue, we will match the color and texture to as close as possible.

Tuck Pointing Before/After

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